Offline Webinar Marketing -  Amazon Kindle Book

The Secret Formula for Marketing Webinars that produces sold-out Webinar after Webinar using simple Ethical Bribe Techniques. If you have spent any time building webinars you know, there is nothing worse than spending weeks if not months planning a webinar, only to have three people show up. You wait as long as you can, but it’s time to start the webinar and hardly anyone is signed on.

You can't stall any longer, you have to push forward and present the webinar to the three attendees, one of which is your friend. You know the webinar is a flop, it has cost you time and money, and you must still find the enthusiasm to complete your pitiful webinar.

If you apply the lessons taught in this book then never again will this happen to you.



SKYPE MARKETING - Amazon Kindle Book

Awesome Internet Marketing Techniques that Develop Amazing Business Relationships for a Profit. This book contains proven techniques and strategies to help you use Skype to become a successful Marketer. While this book focuses a good bit on Internet Marketing, Anthony uses these same techniques in corporate sales every day. Sales techniques like Skype Marketing are what gives Anthony the edge over his competition in an extremely competitive marketplace.



WEBINAR SUCCESS TEMPLATES - A "Webinar Game Plan" in Template Form. A step-by-step set of time-saving templates, the missing link to Webinar success

I ran an email campaign to a tiny list of prospects and it resulted in 256 prequalified webinar sign-ups. These customers were located all over the US, there is no way I would have been able to visit them all and make a sales presentation. Leveraging the power of a properly planned webinar, I was able to do in one month what many of my competitors won't accomplish this entire year!



Accelerated Product Creation - is a method for creating products quickly without a lot of specialize tool for an army of people. A lot of my friends who share with me that they struggle in creating products, what they considered creating something out of nothing, be it something they wanna sell online or a product to help them promote their offline product.

They struggle because they say that it’s really hard to sit down and conceptualize what a completed product might look like if you haven’t even begun to create the product, and I absolutely agree there. I think there’s an easier way, and I’m gonna share with you an accelerated product creation process that I go through that I think helps a lot.


Anthony Flatt's Podcasting Bootcamp

Anthony Flatt's Podcasting Bootcamp

In this 6-week Training Program you will learn step-by-step how to create and launch your Podcast. It doesn't matter if you have tried and fail to launch a Podcast in the past or if you have been thinking about launching a Podcast for a long time but just don't know where to start, this is what you have been looking for.

How is this any different than any of the other Podcasting Traingin Programs out there?

Anthony's Podcasting Bootcamp is not a canned press recorded set of training videos. This is LIVE training with Anthony himself and not an admin or a prerecorded video.

Anthony's Podcasting Bootcamp consists of: 6 weekly Webinar Q&A training sessions. This is where you ask the questions and Anthony shows you the answers. In

  • 6 weekly Webinar Q&A training sessions. This is where you ask the questions and Anthony shows you the answers.
  • In addition you start your Bootcamp off with a one-on-one Strategy and Planning Session with Anthony on a call LIVE one-on-one.
  • In your Strategy and Planning Session we will cover:
    • Podcasting 101 the basics
      • What is a Podcast?
      • Why you must launch you Podcast as soon as possible
        • We have Internet at our office, home, on our phones and our cars!!
      • What is an RSS Feed?
      • What is an MP3?
    • Who is your target Audience?
    • What are Podcasting Directories?
    • Why is iTunes a big deal to your success?
      • News and Noteworthy
      • Reviews
      • Ratings
    • What is your Podcast Format?
      • Interview
      • Lectures
      • Guest Speakers
      • Talk Show
      • Questions and Answer
    • Promoting your Products, Services and Events with your Podcast